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SCGI is Expanding!


We are moving into the VoIP security world trying to set the new standard with patented vPurityTM technology!  See the demo at Salare Security


SCGI and Green Motions Telecom plan to use vPurityTM to deliver secure VoIP to the citizens of Colorado in the near future.



What does the, “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” mean to you and your broadband initiatives? 

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    The SCGI Executive Team  


Walter Stanton

Our Founder and President, Walter Stanton, is a technology professional certified in Project Management with the Project Management Institute.  Walter has worked in the RF, Wireless, Networking and Engineering field since his role began as a radar technician assigned to a Naval Squadron on the east coast. 


Progressing with the advance in technology and its challenges, Walter has always been an advocate for the client to ensure the right technologies were used to accomplish the intended business results of the corporations or government bodies he’s represented.  Taking this commitment to extreme levels, Walter has founded SCGI with the intent to instill these values to his team as they build off this foundation.  Customer service is always priority one as long as the objectives are right for all parties involved in these value-based initiatives.  If the truth indicates otherwise, SCGI will not engage in the project. 


Terrence Walsh

Our Vice President of Consulting, Terrence Walsh is a technology and management consulting professional with expertise in Project Management, Systems / Network Design and Engineering, and Sales.  After his tenure with Bell Laboratories, Terrence ventured out to other corporate clients in need of practicing the methodologies he’s practiced and preached to the teams he managed.  This helped bring outstanding client satisfaction in the local, regional, and nationwide projects he’s managed to meet their business objectives.  Terrence can help our clients build off these proven methodologies without the learning curve typical of reengineering the way they do business. 






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