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We are moving into the VoIP security world trying to set the new standard with patented vPurityTM technology!  See the demo at Salare Security


SCGI and Green Motions Telecom plan to use vPurityTM to deliver secure VoIP to the citizens of Colorado in the near future.



What does the, “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” mean to you and your broadband initiatives? 

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    FCC 800MHz Rebanding    

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In 2004 the FCC published a Report and Order mandating public safety to move their channels to create more separation from the Sprint Nextel frequencies to avoid interference that was increasing over the years.  The FCC mandated Sprint Nextel to pay for the cost of the rebanding incurred by the incumbents and their contractors. 


Stanton Consulting Group, Inc. has been involved with the moving of these frequencies, or rebanding since March of 2006.  Since then many new policies have been put into place by the FCC and the Transition Administrator charged with oversight of this nationwide initiative and SCGI has been with them every step of the way since kicking off the WAVE 1 Rebanding. 


Let us be your advocate and your eyes and ears on the ground helping your vendors keep within scope of the approved procedures and pricing by Sprint Nextel and help you track your valuable time spent during this important initiative.  We look forward to helping you. 


Overview of Reconfiguration and those Affected


On August 6, 2004, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) issued a report and order that modified its rules governing the 800 MHz band. The purpose of the order was to reconfigure the 800 MHz band to minimize harmful interference to public safety radio communications systems in the band (“Reconfiguration”).


800 MHz systems for private industry (B/ILT), public safety, and critical infrastructure industries (CII), as well as some high-site commercial systems operating in the 800 MHz band will be required to relocate as published in the FCC Report and Order:


  • Licensees currently in the 806-809 MHz/851-854 MHz band (current “Channels 1-120”) will be relocated.

  • NPSPAC licensees currently in the 821-824 MHz/866-869 MHz band will be relocated.

  • There is a slightly different 800 MHz band plan for certain areas in the United States. 

  • Licensees operating within 110 km (68.4 miles) of the Mexican border and 140 km (87 miles) of the Canadian border also need to reconfigure. Final details of this arrangement are in the works and some have already been published. 





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