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We are moving into the VoIP security world trying to set the new standard with patented vPurityTM technology!  See the demo at Salare Security


SCGI and Green Motions Telecom plan to use vPurityTM to deliver secure VoIP to the citizens of Colorado in the near future.



What does the, “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” mean to you and your broadband initiatives? 

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    Case Study - IP Telephony System  
Challenge:  Assist DuPage County, Illinois in identifying technological as well as infrastructure needs for county-wide IP Telephony system.

Engagement:  SCGI provided comprehensive Project Management to DuPage County encompassing:

  • Developed Request for Information for DuPage County government
  • Specified technology and infrastructural needs for IP Telephony System to serve entire County government representing 36 locations and 5,300 users
  • Obtained buy-in from key stakeholders and department heads for clarity in their needs definitions
  • Managed contractor Request for Proposal (RFP) development to meet bid specifications according to strict County government criteria
  • Produced non-biased RFP acceptance criteria to determine most qualified vendor





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