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SCGI is Expanding!


We are moving into the VoIP security world trying to set the new standard with patented vPurityTM technology!  See the demo at Salare Security


SCGI and Green Motions Telecom plan to use vPurityTM to deliver secure VoIP to the citizens of Colorado in the near future.



What does the, “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” mean to you and your broadband initiatives? 

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    WAN/LAN Network Consulting  

The SCGI teams are experts in the area of WAN and LAN analysis, design, implementation, and support of networked equipment. We specialize in wired and wireless assessments and implementations. Our staff has, on average, over 20 years experience supporting network engagements in both global and domestic networks. We are most proficient supporting voice and Voice over IP (VoIP) engagements by providing the earned value to your business case by leveraging the appropriate technology, policies, and procedures for support. 

We excel at aligning client requirements with project deliverables. We manage client deliverables by keeping track of scope, quality, budget, and time.  Our goals are aligned with our client’s which is to achieve their business objectives through successful execution.

Our engineers and project managers will work with you to understand requirements, define a roadmap that can be executed through our services methodology.  Adobe 5.0 or higher is required to read this document. 





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