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As we move into the VoIP security world with a goal to set the new standard with our patented product, vPurity� - there are many challenges to create a non-intrusive way to secure the voice media stream. NIST ( has many different approaches to cover some of these vulnerabilities yet still do not address the data extraction capabilities for those trusted sources removing intellectual property from corporations and government entities.  


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    Program and Project Management      
SCGI Corporation provides Program and Project Management for clients requiring extensive support of their technology initiatives. Our project managers have on average 18 years� experience in assisting clients to identify and implement complex solutions in a simple manner. We have found that not all IT departments start their day with a focus on which project will bring the most earned value to their organization. This is a result of living in a reactionary environment to keep up with record demand of instant 24 hour everything. Determining which screaming internal client gets their solution first can be overwhelming. SCGI helps IT departments put together formulized processes to help streamline their initiatives to handle 80% of their agendas with 20% of their effort.

And, not all organizations are created equal. SCGI has created a logical matrix to help our clients prioritize their efforts where their group or organization needs to focus on meeting the objectives most beneficial to them.





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